ATEQ Omicron ADSE 712 Altitude Controller


ATEQ Omicron ADSE 712 Altitude Controller

The ADSE 712 is a single channel generator that simulates an altitude to test different pneumatic equipment for aerospace applications or equipment reacting to barometric constraints.It can test leaks in pneumatic circuits, functions linked to the depressurization of the aircraft cabin, etc…

The ADSE 712 is presented as a small light-weight case containing all vacuum and pressure generation, measurement and regulation functions. All operator interface, management and report functions are displayed on the front panel of the equipment.

The ADSE 712 is controlled with a single button, to launch a test program predefined in our workshop.

Main Features

  • Only one generation channel for pressure or vacuum
  • Integrated pumps
  • Regulation managed by micro controller
  • System operation with a single button
  • Leak rate measurement
  • Secured for use by occasional users


  • Choice of altitudes to simulate of leak measurement time
  • Serial link for driving the system with a computer
  • Pressure generation to test Pitot probes