ATEQ Omicron ADSE 740 Pitot/Static Tester


ATEQ Omicron ADSE 740 Pitot/Static Tester

The ADSE 740 is a complete high performance dual pressure Ps and Pt standalone test bench specially designed to be used in the workshop or in the laboratory to test and calibrate all air data equipment such as altimeters, vertical speed indicators, air speed indicators, MACH-meter, air data computers …) and sensors.

The high precision embedded sensors enable the ADSE 740 to be used as a pressure standard.

The user interface is programmed under Windows® and Labview®, with a data base managed in a spreadsheet for easy evaluation, management, statistics and presentation.

General Details

Temperature range Operating 15° to 40°C (60° to 104°F)
Storage -20° to +60°C (–4° to 140°F)
Power supply 90/240V, 50 to 400Hz AC, 150VA
Case 19” x 4 U x 524 mm (20.6 inch), 14kg (31 lbs)
Screen 17” LCD colour 2,5kg (5,5 lbs)
Calibration Recommended period 12 months
Ease of Use Windows human/machine interface
Program script
Easy programming of test reports
Ease of maintenance Modular design permitting ease of accessibility to
mechanical assemblies and electronic components


Internal pump: 60.000 ft – 6.000 ft/min (Volume dependant)
IEEE488 digital interface
Ps & Pt outlet at the back of the bench
Vertical housing
Specific Pt sensor for improved accuracy at low speed
Pneumatic connectors JIC 37 (AN4) or Staubli

Measurement Specification

Function Range Accuracy
Altitude -2,300 to 60,000ft + 1.5ft at 0ft
(up to -4,000ft to 100,000ft optional) + 4ft at 30,000ft
+ 16ft at 60,000ft
Altitude rate + 0 to 6,000ft/min + 1%
(up to + 60,000m/min optional) + 1%
Indicated 10 to 800 kts + 1kt at 50kts (+ 0.5kts at 50kts optional)
airspeed (up to 1000 kts optional) + 0.2kt at 350kts (+ 0.1kts at 350kts opt.)
+ 0.04kt at 650kts
Mach N° 0.1 to 4.0 Mach + 0.001M at 0,8M/25,000ft
(0.1 to 10 Mach optional) + 0.002M at 1,7M/30,000ft
Static sensor 30 to 1200 mbar 0,01% FS
Pitot sensor 30 to 3000 mbar 0,01% FS