ATEQ Omicron ADSE 744 Pitot/Static/AoA Tester


ATEQ Omicron ADSE 744 Pitot/Static/AoA Tester

The ADSE 744 is the new comer of our broad range of pitot and static testers.This tester was specifically designed for the new-generation pitot tubes that integrates sensing probes, pressure sensors and powerful air data computer processing to provide all critical air data parameters including Pitot and static pressure, airspeed, altitude, and angle of attack.

This Pitot Static tester is designed primarily for flightline use to cover the testing of all barometric and manometric pressure instrument systems. The AoA Channel behaves as a second Ps channel, in order to create a differential pressure between the 2 Ps Channel, allowing to perform simulations of differentAnglesof Attack.Thelarge touch screen display, with on-screen help, enables all checks to be carried out easily on the flight deck or in the cockpit, by a single operator. The ADSE 744 is robust and housed in a mobile weatherproof case. An attached bag contains the pressure hoses and electrical cables. Wide choice of pneumatic connectors can be supplied on demand.

Main Features

  • Built-in pressure and vacuum pumps
  • Liquid crystal colour display with touch sensitive screen for operator instructions/help
  • Remote control unit based on Windows CE tablet PC
  • Complete self check of set before use
  • High accuracy, high resolution
  • RVSM compliant
  • Programmable leak test
  • Programmable flight envelope to protect equipment under test
  • All four primary flight parameters displayed simultaneously
  • Programmable (password write protected) test schedules
  • Selectable pressure units : hPa; mb; in Hg; mmHg; ft; m; kts; km/h, ft/min; hm/min, Mach number

General details

Temperature range Operating -10° to 50°C (14° to 122°F)
Storage -20° to +60°C (–4° to 140°F)
Power supply 90/240V, 50 to 400Hz AC, 150VA
Case Completely weatherproof, meets EMC requirements
Physical 515x380x270mm (20.3 x 15 x 10.6 inch) – 17kg (38 lbs)
Calibration Recommended period 12 months
Ease of Use Remote touch screen
Integrated bag for cables and hoses
Ease of maintenance Maintenance limited to calibration, regular external cleaning
and exchange of filters (with the calibration)


DC Power supply: 17 to 32V DC
Low range Pt sensor: 350 kts max for better accuracy
Remote Control Software for PC (Windows CE)

Measurement specification

Function Range Accuracy
Altitude -2,300 to 60,000ft + 1.5ft at 0ft
(up to -4,000ft to 80,000ft optional) + 4ft at 30,000ft
+ 16ft at 60,000ft
Altitude rate + 0 to 6,000ft/min + 1%
Indicated 10 to 800kts + 1kt at 50kts (+ 0.5kts at 50kts optional)
airspeed (up to 1000 kts optional) + 0.2kt at 350kts (+ 0.1kts at 350kts opt.)
+ 0.04kt at 650kts
Mach N° 0.1 to 4.0 Mach + 0.001M at 0,8M/25,000ft
Static sensor 30 to 1200 mbar 0,01% FS
Pitot sensor 30 to 3000 mbar 0,01% FS
AoA sensor 30 to 1200 mbar 0,01% FS