ATEQ Omicron CV250-400 Vacuum Chambers


ATEQ Omicron CV250-400 Vacuum Chambers

The CV 250 and CV 400 are vacuum chambers for altitude flight simulation for avionics instruments such as altimeters, rate of climb indicators and all non pressurised equipment. They are fitted with pneumatic and electric connectors and a quick locking door. The CV 250 and CV 400 are fitted in option with a vibrating table.

Main Features

  • Only one generation channel for pressure or vacuum
  • 370 mm (14.5 inch) internal diameter (CV 400)
  • 230 mm (9 inch) internal diameter (CV 250)
  • Max. dimensions of the instruments fitting in the chamber:
  • – CV 400: 265x150x280 mm (10.4 x 5,9 x 11 inch)
  • – CV 250: 145x110x280 mm (5.7 x 4.3 x 11 inch)
  • Transparent door and case
  • Overpressure secured at 1200 hPa
  • Quick locking door
  • Possible incline up to 20°
  • Option: Vibrating table


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