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Since 1976 Applied Measurement Australia Pty. Ltd. has taken pride in providing innovative and effective solutions for applications that involve measurement of physical parameters. We design, manufacture, distribute, calibrate and service individual sensors, as well as complete systems, so I guess you could think of us an extension of your own design team.
Applied Measurement understands that each application in its own particular environment is different, and over the years has developed a high level of expertise in consistently delivering high levels of precision and accuracy into engineered measurement, and industrial control system applications. This expertise has earned Applied Measurement its reputation as a innovative problem solver in a wide variety of industries and environments, including automotive, aerospace, defence and manufacturing industries.
Applied Measurement assists companies in increasing production yield while reducing process time and cost, resulting in both quality improvement and increased profitability.
Applied Measurement’s product portfolio includes an enviable range of international brands, as well as in-house manufactured product which is both sold locally and exported. In addition to manufacturing and sales, services include testing, design, maintenance, and calibration.
Applied Measurement offers NATA Certified Calibration facilities.

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