Railway Wheel Profile Gauge


Railway Wheel Profile Gauge

The laser profilometer is employed for measuring geometrical parameters of the rail wheel flange (thickness, slope, height), rim/tire thickness and for taking full profile of the wheel roll surface.

The device is supplied with database and software package for wheel sets wear data storage and processing.


IKP-5 Series

Measurement ranges, mm:
flange height 20…45
flange thickness 20…50
flange slope 1….15
rim thickness 36…100
Measurement error, mm:
flange height ± 0,05
flange thickness ± 0,05
flange slope ± 0,1
rim thickness ± 0,1
average measurement time, s: 4
IKP-5 Series Detailed Specifications
Name of parameter Value
Measurement range
flange height, mm
flange thickness, mm
flange  slope, mm
rim thickness, mm
diameter (calculation method), mm
36…100 (30…90)
Measurement error
flange height, mm
flange thickness, mm
flange  slope, mm
rim thickness, mm
diameter, mm
± 0,05
± 0,05
± 0,1
± 0,1
± 0,1
Discreteness of indication
all parameters, mm 0,01
Profile measurement range, mm 145
Discreteness of the profile formation, not worse than, mm 0,025 (5800 points for profile)
Digital readout device (PDA) dimensions, mm 112,5х95,5х22,7
Dimensions of laser scanning module, mm Standard: 214x156x54
Short: 201x114x54
Super-short: 213,5х90х54
Power supply (laser scanning module) 3,7V,
Li-ion rechargeable battery
5400mAh for standard IKP and
2400mAh for Short and SShort
Power supply (PDA) 3,7V
Li-polymer battery
Measurement time, s adaptive, depending on surface quality, 4 average
The  number  of measurements that can  be taken before  battery  recharge is not less than 5000 for Standard IKP and
2200 for Short and Super-short
Laser module battery life time 5 million measurement cycles
PDA memory capacity 100 000 measurements
Interface between laser scanning module and PDA Bluetooth
Working temperature range, °С -30…+50
Enclosure rating IP42 or IP62
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