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Refrigerator testing according to ISO Standard

In their latest white papers, imc Meßsysteme GmbH have explained how the imc SPARTAN can be used to test refrigerator according to standards. The performance of refrigerators used in restaurants, supermarkets and delis must be monitored to ensure that perishable products are kept at safe temperatures. This is achieved by testing the refrigerators according to ISO standards.



Smeva, an international leading Dutch company specializing in cooling technology, enlisted the help on imc to test the performance of refrigerators according to ISO standards as well as optimize and improve the efficiency of these systems. Smeva’s main concern was to use a single measurement device with an “easy to use” software to log, view and analyze the measurement data over a certain period of time.



The imc SPARTAN measurement system was employed as the hardware because its is a cost effective, compact, and high-precision measurement system.



  • High-precision measurement system for quasi-static and dynamic voltage, strain gauges, current and temperature signals
  • High-precision amplifiers
  • Integrated signal conditioning for voltage, measurement bridges and temperature
  • Synchronous sampling up to 500 samples/s/channel
  • Robust PC-independant data logging operations
  • Save any number of configurations to a PC, or internal flash storage
  • Internal backup power is standard, for reliable operation and shutdown
  • Configuration and operation software: imc STUDIO
  • For comprehensive data analysis and reports, imc FAMOS software is ideal

The imc SPARTAN was ideal for this type of application because of its high-precision amplifiers, integrated signal conditioning (for voltage, measurement bridges and temperature), independence from the PC and its ability to “self power”. Additionally, the imc SPARTAN was able to save any configuration or measurement data to a PC or flash card as well as provide basic and easy to use software, the imc STUDIO to configure, operate and monitor data. Finally, post processing data analysis including complex mathematical functions and reports wore performed using the imc FAMOS software.


Click on the link for the complete white paper written by imc Meßsysteme GmbH

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