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Micro-Measurements® is an industry leader, providing electronic instruments to every single industry ranging from automotive, aerospace, agricultural, chemical, oil and gas, medical, maritime, household appliances to name a few. As explained by StrainBlogTMs latest post, these instruments must meet today’s demand as a more “light weight, compact, durable and powerful” device at a relatively low sell price. Micro-Measurements® does this by manufacturing products that are designed and tested to meet these demands as well as complying with industry standards.

StrainBlogTM explains that its stress analysis product range is used in every industry during their reliability testing program. For example, the Micro-Measurements® strain gages are used to test components, sub-assemblies, PCBs and final product.

The different tests include:

  • Fixture qualification
  • Four point bend test
  • Assembly loads
  • Shock / Drop testing
  • Shipping container qualification

Additionally, StrainBlogTM explains that Micro-Measurements® is constantly collaborating with PCB manufacturers to develop industry standards:

IPC / JEDEC specifications

IPC – JEDEC 9702 Monotonic Bend Characteristics of Board-Level Interconnects

IPC – JEDEC 9704 Printed Wiring Board Strain Gage Test Guideline

JEDEC JESD22-B111 Board Level Drop Test Method of Components for Handheld  Electronic Products

To stand out as an industry leader, StrainBlogTM outlines that Micro-Measurements® provides a total solution for your industry application:

  • Miniature stacked rosette strain gage sensors for use near components such as BGA mounted components.  C2A-06-031WW-120, C2A-06-G1350-120
  • Miniature planar rosettes sensors for surface and intra-laminar testing of PCBs
  • Pre-leaded sensors to eliminate the need for lead attachment.
  • Custom strain gage sensors for interface to customer specified PCB traces for integral installations.
  • Room temperature curing adhesive systems.  M-Bond 200. M-Bond AE-10
  • Static / quasi-dynamic instrumentation for monotonic bend test System 8000 / 7000
  • High speed instrumentation System 9000
  • Protective coatings for a wide range of environmental conditions.


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