• Variety of Configurations
  • 1/2” x 1/2” NPT Threaded Fitting Tip Sensitive
  • Quick Time Response
  • Single Element
  • Custom Designs Available with:
    » Connection Heads
    » Transmitters
    » Cable or Leadwire Options

The Point Sensing RTD Probe–Twin Threaded Fitting is constructed with a rigid stainless steel sheath with an element embedded into an aluminum tip. The aluminum tip provides faster time response. These sensors are typically designed for use in plenums and ducts within HVAC systems. They can also be utilized whenever a quick time response in a non-corrosive low pressured environment is needed.


  • Sheath Styles:
    » Rigid Stainless Steel
  • Elements, Single:
    » Platinum
  • Sheath Diameter:
    » Stem: .250”
    » Tip: .188”
  • Leadwire/Cable Options



Performance Specifications

Insulation Resistance:
Single Element: 1,000 megohms @ 500 VDC, leads to case

Time Constant (typical in 3 ft/sec moving water):
Single Element: 2.0 seconds

Less than ± .06% change in ice point resistance after
10 consecutive cycles between ice point and 250°C

Long Term Stability:
Less than ± .2% ice point resistance
shift after 1,000 hours at 250°C

10 mW/C in water moving 3 feet/sec

Withstands 5 to 500 Hz at 3 g-level
peak for 3 hours. Per ASTM E 644, Sec. 10.

Withstands 50 g-level peak sine wave shock
of 11 milliseconds duration. Per ASTM E 644, Sec. 11

Standard Stainless Steel with Aluminum Tip -50 to 250°C (-58 to 482°F)