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Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd distributes the Silicon Sensing Ltd inertial sensors and systems. These are top of the range highly accurate and sensitive MEMS inertial sensors and systems are employed across all industries. From aviation to downhole drilling, the inertial sensors, accelerometers and gryos can be used stand alone or in conjunction with a variety of other sensors and data acquisition.

imagegen-11 Silicon Sensings MEMS gyros and accelerometers are employed to advance aircraft AHRS and flight controls because they are reliable and stable. Sensors such as the DMU10, the PinPoint®, the GeminiTM and the OrionRM are on standby to measure and relay the attitude, heading as well as the flight dynamics. imagegen-21Similarly, the inertial sensors and systems manufactured by Silicon Sensing are employed in unmanned vehicles such as ROVs, UAVs, AUVsto for attitude and heading systems, autopilots, vehicle stability control and navigation aid testing. Generally, sensors such as the PinPoint® (micro-UAV) as well as the CRS09 (UAV) are employed because they cover the different sizes and dynamic behaviors experienced in this field.







For more familiar industries such as oil and gas exploration, pipeline laying and drilling guidance, the highly accurate MEMS inertial sensors  – DMU10, CRS39, CRG20 and imagegen-14GeminiTM are used because these are robust and reliable offering precise measurements during testing. This is achieved by overcoming the challenges associated with these industries, Silicon Sensing manufactures a wide range of standard and custom “state of the art” MEMS gyros and accelerometers. More importantly, the vibrating silicon MEMS gyro ring design (VSG) makes the inertial sensors and systems more reliable, stable and resistant to time, temperature, shock and vibration effects such that they are perfect for the harsh and rugged environments experienced in these industries.

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