CheckStar Rotary Torque Transducer

CheckStar Rotary Torque Transducer

The CheckStar rotary torque transducer sets the standard for dynamic torque and angle measurement of all continuous drive and impulse tools, with proven reliable performance in thousands of applications worldwide.

Whatever the vibration and shock loads experienced, CheckStar’s patented contact system ensures a connection is always maintained between the readout and the strain gauges. Inferior systems suffer from ‘brush bounce’ that leads to unreliable torque readings.

The CheckStar rotary torque transducer is automatically recognized by Crane readout devices, eliminating set-up errors and enabling the logging of serial numbers against measurements for complete traceability.

An Industry Standard (IS) version is also available where a user needs the advanced features of the CheckStar but already has a readout device from another manufacturer.

Key Features

  • Dynamic torque measurement of all continuous drive and impulse tools
  • Proven reliable performance for impulse tool measurement
  • Guaranteed no brush bounce
  • Compact design and no size increase for angle option
  • Automatic transducer recognition with Crane display systems (Auto ID)

The new and improved version of the CheckStar rotary torque transducer, the CheckStar Multi is now also available with added features.

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