When You Require A New Load Cell Sensor

You will always find the right type of load cell sensor right here at Applied Measurement. We are all about providing the very best in products such as our range of load cell sensors, as well as maintaining a high standard of service for all our business customers and product suppliers. In our load cell sensor range, we offer products including a variety of Bending/Shear Beam Load Cells; Compression Load Cells; a range of Crash Testing Load Cells; the DN-FGA Series Force Gauge which provides a simple measurement of tension/compression force, switch test, connector insertion/withdraw test, fracture test and push pull testing equipment; a range of High Temperature Load Cells; the range of Load Cell Indicators and Signal Conditioning equipment; a variety of Magpowr Load Cells; a range of Multi-axis Load Cells; different types of Off Centre Load Cells; Pin Type Load Cells; the PSRT Toroidal Annular Load Cell; some S-Type Load Cells; a range of Tension and Compression products; and a wider range of Torque Sensors. Our team can offer in depth advice on every product across our load cell sensor product portfolio. So, if you need a hand with finding the exact one for your project or specifications, simply contact us on (03) 9874 5777, and we will help you to find the best load cell sensor solution.