We Can Provide You With A New Load Cell Amplifier

As well as providing Australian businesses with all their testing and measuring products, our Applied Measurement team can assist you when you are looking for weight and force measurement solutions such as a load cell amplifier. Our extensive range of load cell amplifiers include A.D. System Weight Transmitters for the digital management of analog load cells, and AC 1500 Weight Transmitters which are a robust, practical, and durable accessory used to transform the weight transmitter DAT 1400 from DIN rail to panel mount. The AT 08 Weight Transmitter which is ideal for applications with a minimal system tare (like pressure platforms or transducers). The ATEX / IECEx Telemetry Strain Transmitter Module (X24-ACMi-SA) is approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2, and comes with a long battery life, high accuracy, and extremely low temperature drift. The DAT range of weight transmitters which are high performing and reliable, and there is also the compact Digital Sensor Card USB – Potentiometer Input (DSCUSB-PT) which can be used with resistance based sensors to indicate position, rotation and angle, that also require high accuracy. If you need assistance with choosing the right load cell amplifier, then please contact our team on (03) 9874 5777, and we will be able to provide you with an accurate and economical solution.