ATEQ has developed a wide and complete range of products like Pitot Static Tester for aviation manufacturing and maintenance:

Automated Static Tester for indoor use (laboratory & workshop) or outdoor use (hangar & tarmac). ADSE can control all pressure dependent on-board equipment: altimeters, anemometers, variometers, pressure sensors, air data calculators, etc. Our instruments are extremely accurate, user friendly, reliable, and can be easily customized. All our ADSE (except ADSE 712 and 543) are RVSM

  • Compliant, with an accuracy up to 0.007% of the Scale, well above the standard requirements for RVSM compliance.
  • Pitot/Static adapters for all aircrafts (PSAT)
  • Leak detector for indoor or outdoor uses with nitrogen and 5% hydrogen (H 6000)
  • Battery tester with a large range of powers according to battery CMMs (EEST)
  • Bonding & Loop Resistance Tester for electrical continuity on standard and composite aircrafts (AX 6000, LRT 6000).