F1ARA11A – Load Cell – Skull Spring

Load Cell, 1-axial
Location: Skull Spring

Technical description

The applied force causes compression or strain of the base body. The deformation is measured using strain gauges. The wiring of multiple strain gauges for a full bridge circuit compensates for the temperature influence on the zero signal and the cross-influence from other force and torque application.

Force direction




Equivalent types

Denton: 6005

Measurement specification

Strain gauges


ID-Module integrated in sensor
Polarity according to SAE J211

Technical specification

Unit Value
Measuring range kN 4.5
Sensitivity 1) µV/V/kN 467
Output signal 1), 2) mV/V 2.1
Bridge resistance Ω 1050
Zero signal 1) mV/V ≤ 0.05
Amplitude non-linearity 3) % ≤ 1.0
Hysteresis 3) % ≤ 1.0
Channel cross talk 3) %
Supply voltage V 2–15
Ultimate load % 150
Insulation resistance > 100
Temperature range °C -30…+70
Weight (approximate) g 15 (without cable)

All values measured at 10 V sensor supply voltage and at 23 °C.
1) Typical value
2) At nominal load
3) Relative nominal range

F1ARA11A Dimensions

Temperature range °C -30…+70