Precision Epoxy NTC Thermistors

Precision Epoxy NTC Thermistors

Interchangeable Thermistors – TE Connectivity (TE) provides highly accurate and stable temperature sensing for measurement, control, indication and compensation. The tight interchangeability of our precision components allows precise measurement without calibration of circuitry to match individual components. TE offers two interchangeability tolerances ±0.2°C and ±0.1°C. Choose epoxy-encapsulated components for applications where cost, flexibility and a wide range of resistance values are important.



High sensitivity to detect small temperature changes

High density ceramic sensor provides:

  • Stability
  • ±0.2º, ±0.1º interchangeability


  • Temperature control for DNA replication/analysis and cytology equipment
  • Temperature control in photocopy machines and in photo reproduction and enlargement machine
  • Temperature monitoring for telecommunications battery backup systems
  • Temperature monitoring and control in clean rooms/controlled environments
  • Temperature monitoring on the ocean floor
  • Heater monitor/control for outdoor pool/spa
  • Temperature monitoring for fruit growers


Time Constant
1 sec max when suspended by their leads in a well-stirred oil bath. In still air, 10 sec max.

Dissipation Constant
8mW/ºC min when suspended by their leads in a well-stirred oil bath, or 1mW/ºC in still air.

TE thermistors are chemically stable and not significantly affected by aging or exposure to strong nuclear radiation.

Resistance/Temperature Data
A ºC resistance vs temperature table in 1ºC increments is available on

Interchangeability Tolerance Data
Tables on show nominal resistance values, ohms per degree and tolerance at select temperatures over the operating range.

Maximum Power
30mW at 25ºC de-rated to zero power at 125ºC

-80°C to 120°C