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In their latest white papers, imc Meßsysteme GmbH showed that Evektor chose the imc measurement solutions for their aircraft certification testing. Evektor performed durability testing using the CRONOScompact system on the new aircraft prototype “EV-55 Outback”.



The CRONOScompact system was the best solution because it is a:

  • Portable and rack-mounted enclosure options
  • Modular reconfigurable hardware adaptable to changing testing requirements
  • Supports virtually any physical sensor
  • Sophisticated and intuitive triggering system
  • Up to 100 kSample/s per channel and integrated signal conditioning and sensor supply
  • Versatile storage options including onboard removable flash media
  • Networkable with other imc systems for synchronous acquisition of thousands of channels
  • Onboard real-time data analysis and reduction
  • Standalone, remote or interactive operation
  • Configuration and operation software: imc STUDIO
  • For comprehensive data analysis and reports, imc FAMOS software is ideal

Evektor installed an imc CRONOScompact-400- 11 and an imc CRONOScompact-400-17. These were configured with different sensors to test the durability of the aircraft. First, 132 strain gauge channels were measured (full and half-bridge) with the gages installed to the following aircraft components:

  • Wings (five ribs within the left wing and three ribs within the right)
  • Fuselage (two frames)
  • Motor mounts
  • Landing gear support
  • Six ribs within the horizontal and vertical stabilizers
  • Cable for control and steering force measurements


Second, four channels were configured with pressure sensors to measure speed and altitude. ). Finally, ICP accelerometers were configured on four channels to measure the overload. The CRONOScompact system was integrated with the aircraft’s RS232 interface using the RS232-to-CAN converters so that 46 CAN channels were in operation.

Other advantages of the CRONOScompact system included its ability to support other avionic fieldbus interfaces such as ARINC, IENA and AFDX. Other advanced real-time logging and monitoring as well as post-processing were performed using the imc Online FAAMOS. Real-time data logging and monitoring was performed using the imc Online FAMOS because it provides mathematical functions, data reduction, events, filters, statistics, strain gauge rosettes, setpoints and load profiles, PID controller modules and the embedded imc HiLSimulink platform (embedded target processor).

With its flexibility and advantageous functionality, the imc display can be mounted directly in the cockpit so that the pilot was able to monitor the data in real time during the test flight.

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