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Imetrum's Video Extensometers save you time and money when testing and qualifying materials. They offer traceable, best in class resolution, with proven Video GaugeTM technology delivering performance way beyond the alternatives. Imetrum systems meet the most demanding requirements for strain, .... See More

Universal Video Extensometers

The 3D PDT is a powerful, camera-based displacement sensor that slashes test setup times, reduces cost and delivers accurate, rich data sets. It is a highly flexible alternative to LVDTs, DTIs, EDMs, encoders, laser trackers and potentiometers. The 3D PDT is pre-calibrated and ready to measure ..... See More

Precision Displacement Trackers

Imetrum's Dynamic Monitoring Station (DMS) can be used to monitor the dynamic movement of civil and geotechnical structures.The DMS system is able to measure position (displacement, distance), strain (expansion, contraction, crack opening) and rotation (twist, tilt and bending) of a structure. .... See More


Dynamic Monitoring Stations

Material Testing

Measure: Strain / Shear /Poisson’s ratio /Stress – Strain curve/ Modulus Proof stress / ultimate stress / ultimate failure strain

Component Testing

Measure: Strain / Shear /Poisson’s ratio /Stress – Strain curve/ Modulus Proof stress /ultimate stress / ultimate failure strain

Structural Testing

Continuous 24/7 monitoring: Displacement / Bending Velocity / Rotation Adaptable and easy to use. Quick and safe to set up. Immediate results

structual testing


Silicon sensing

The first of a family of High Performance IMUs (HPIMUs)
DMU30 is a ground-breaking, non-ITAR MEMS IMU
alternative to more costly ‘FOG-grade’ IMUs for use in
exacting motion sensing applications, ranging from
unmanned vehicle navigation to surveying and mapping.

Silicon Sensing DMU10DMu30
rail backgroud

Measurement of Rail Wheels is


Riftek IDK Rail Wheel Diameter GaugeRiftek Wheel ProfilerclearAccurate measurement with the Wheel profilerwheel diameter gaugeRiftek Logo
Flexabilityflex decentralisedflex handsbaseimc module1imc module2imc module3







transmittersig Rsig Rsig Rsig Rsig Rsig RX24-ACMi-SAX24 HDX24-SAemantracourt-logox24



ATEX/IECEx certified telemetry transmitter module in an enclosure which measures strain input and periodically transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers.


The X24-HD is a highly configurable ATEX/IECEx handheld display capable of working with X24 or T24 Transmitter modules. This allows wireless remote viewing and monitoring of various remote inputs such as strain gauge or voltage etc. using 2.4 GHz radio.


ATEX/IECEx telemetry transmitter OEM module measures strain input and periodically transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers.

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Application Experience

Have confidence in the quality and service Applied Measurement offer with over 100 years of combined experience!


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All sensors within our product range meet all stringent quality and accuracy specs to bring you the widest range of sensors in Australia 

Our Services

Whether it’s support services or custom design services, our client’s needs always come first.
We are always trying to improve the quality of our services.

CalibrationCalibration Services

We offer a fully certified NATA accredited laboratory for force up to 23kN together with in house calibration for Pressure, Linear Displacement, Tilt, GPS, Voltage, Frequency and more.

Data AcquisitionData Acquisition Consultancy

With a wide range of high end data acquisition together with a wide range of sensors for hire we offer our expertise to make your testing a breeze. contact us now for more details.

Our Supplier Network

DJB Instruments
Silicon Sensing
TE – Measurement Spec
Jewell Instruments

Latest News

We will try to share some of our interesting applications with you here!

Introducing DJB Instruments IEPE Impact Hammer for all your structure health testing
  The IH series impact hammer is suitable for medium and small damping structure dynamic features test, such as resonance test, experiment design and modal...

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Introducing Jewell Instruments JMA Series MEMS Accelerometer
The JMA-100/200/300 accelerometer series, a rugged, robust and affordable acceleration solution, is now available with ±4 g and ±10 g measuring ranges.  These additional ranges...

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IMETRUM: Universal Video Extensometers
Imetrum’s Video Extensometers save you time and money when testing and qualifying materials. They offer traceable, best in class resolution, with proven Video GaugeTM technology delivering performance way beyond...

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New Mantracourt: Digital Sensor Card USB – Potentiometer Input (DSCUSB-PT)
The newly released DSCUSB-PT is a compact, high-precision potentiometer input module. It converts resistance based input (potentiometer) to a digital output. It can be used...

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Aircraft certification testing with imc solutions
In their latest white papers, imc Meßsysteme GmbH showed that Evektor chose the imc measurement solutions for their aircraft certification testing. Evektor performed durability testing using...

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Introducing Mantracourt Fast USB Strain Module (FSU-SSB)
Fast USB Strain Module (FSU-SSB) aimed at high speed measurement applications The newly released Fast USB Strain Module (FSU-SSB) is a fast, compact, high precision strain...

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