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Invented in 1938, strain gages utilize the strain gauge technology to measure the strain or “deformation” of a material. Micro-Measurements® – a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, have been using this technology for many years making them industry experts on strain gage technology. Their state of the art strain gages is incorporated in many industries including automotive, aircraft and aerospace, shipbuilding, engines, bridges, building and construction, pressure vessels, load cells and force transducers, farm machinery, appliances and the more basic – office equipment.

Micro-Measurements® Australian partner – Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd, has used the strain gages from Micro-Measurements® to manufacture their load cells consistently over the years. Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd distributes the load cells to almost every industry, their most recent venture being the elite sports whereby the XTRAN load cells made from Micro-Measurements® Transducer class® strain gages are used to predict injuries and recovery time of athletes. On a larger platform, Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. has used the Micro-Measurements® Transducer class® strain gages for many applications including process monitoring and optimization of unit operations within the plastics industry.

Likewise, Micro-Measurements® uses its StrainBlogTM to demonstrate the various applications for their strain gages. In their most recent video post, StrainBlogTM shows how the food industry employs the Micro-Measurements® foil strain gages within their digital food scales for accuracy and reliability. In another post, StrainBlogTM explains how the Micro-Measurements® crack propagation sensors are used for fatigue testing within the civil, building and construction, automotive and rail industries (to name a few) to detect the presence and propagation of a crack in a material under the active area of the sensor. Other posts include gaging the inside of a pressurized tank and more interesting, testing the sizing of a solar powered vehicle by conducting strain measurements on the a-arms of the solar vehicle’s suspension to determine if parts are over- or under- engineered.

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