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Intelligent measurement modules for test stand and mobile applications

The series of BUSDAQflex data loggers and CANSASflex modules by imc, give access to the usual bus systems of automotive, railway, aircraft and machine industry. The imc BUSDAQflex datalogger interfaces with CAN FD, LIN, J1939, FlexRay, ARINC, MVB, EtherCAT, XCPoE etc… IT handles protocols such as CCP, KWP2000, XCP, OBD2 etc with the standard configuration of 2 CAN nodes can be extended to 12 nodes for various fields and vehicle buses for the bigger device modifications. It offers a wide range of networking options: cable or wireless. The logger can be connected directly to your computer or a company network.


BUSDAQflex offers:

Manual remote access

Automatic data transfer

Cloud connectivity

Supported protocols

Supported field buses

imc BUSDAQflex gives support for the standard protocols such as ftp and http for the manual remote access. Users as such, can load measured data through a standard ftp program or access of the data logger through online.BUSDAQflex-2

The use of the imc LINK Windows software, transfers data automatically from the imc measurement systems to your PC or server for recognition. The display of live information about the status of measurement and the measurement device, as well as GPS data, can be shown. The data from the logger is automatically transferred to the cloud, the data then carefully checked and if needed can be deleted on the logger. This cloud platform, monitors the characteristic value and sends notifications through SMS or e-mail when the limits are beyond quantity. Standard internet access is used to see the cloud. Users can track live status information, such as the GPS positions and characteristic values, measurement data can also be downloaded. CCP

















The powerful imc CANSASflex modules are equipped with high precision measurement amplifiers and allow for direct connection to all typical sensors and signals in the mechatronic environment. The digitized measurement signal are output as CAN messages and can be read and recorded by any measurement, automation or control system with a CAN interface. imc BUSDAQflex is the most recommended choice for CAN data logging, simply being connected with a click.CANSASflex-click

  • New imc CANSASflex with click mechanism connects modules electrically & mechanically
  • Universal measurement and I/O modules for all relevant sensors and signals in mechatronics
  • Distributed or centralized operation
  • Easily integrates into every CAN-based testing
  • Enables precise synchronization across multiple modules, as well as immediate result calculation and data reduction
  • Offers a variety of connector solutions: DSUB, LEMO, ITT Veam, BNC, thermo-couple, …

Wherever multiples of the modules are permanently installed as one essential unit, it is often recommended that a 19” rack is used. Allowing modules to be conveniently inserted with automatic supply and connection to the CAN bus.


To quickly connect the imc CANSASflex modules together, the click-mechanism is used enabling them to mechanically and electrically connect without wiring or fasteners.

A complete measurement system can can be built from module blocks that can together save all the data and provide interfaces to common field buses such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay and XCPoE with a simple click.

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