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Car Advice Get Testing!May 14, 2009

One of Australia’s biggest up and coming online car reviewers, CarAdvice.com.au are now choosing to road test and performance test with the leading edge of GPS data loggers from Racelogic Vbox available from Applied Measurement. The Vbox range will give Car Advice the edge over their competitors by accurately acquiring dynamic vehicle data via 20Hz GPS engine which they believe will benefit the company to have some provable data from Car Advice’s own testing rather from the manufacturers specifications.

CarAdvice.com.au together with Applied Measurement ventured out to a closed test track for one of the greatest ongoing Aussie vehicle comparisons between the Holden SS Commodore and Ford Falcon XR8. The tests performed with the Vbox IISL3 were 0 to 100 Km/h from a standing start, quarter mile times, stopping distances from 100 Km/h and speedometer comparisons. For more information and the full story why not check out their website link below.


Stay tuned for more vehicle reviews from CarAdvice.com.au using all of Applied Measurement’s Vbox equipment including the new Vbox video.
The Vbox units that Car Advice will be testing with in the future are:

For any Vbox Enquiry speak to any of our sales team at Applied Measurement.