May 8, 2017 Craig Nyssen News Comments Off

Multi-bus logger as IoT gateway in networked mobile applications

imc have recently released a new whitepaper on the imc BUSDAQflex, highlighting potential applications in mobile monitoring and as an IoT gateway. The whitepaper focuses on measurement and condition monitoring on the Internet and provides an overview of the various requirements for autonomous data acquisition systems for monitoring machinery and vehicles and available flexible solutions.

Whether the “Internet of Things” will in-deed experience a major breakthrough in the networking of consumer devices such as refrigerators and toothbrushes, and whether all applications to be pioneered there actually meet urgent needs – this is currently controversial. However, in industrial environments there are certainly many promising applications for networked data acquisition and monitoring to be found – with a massive potential for savings in resources, energy and preventable wear and tear. Here, bus loggers play a central role as data acquisition systems for communication buses and as intelligent gateways to the Internet.












For more details on the imc Meßsysteme GmbH products, please refer to the link or download the white paper

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