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Recently, imc Meßsysteme GmbH has launched a new version of its software for powerful analysis, visualization and documentation of measurement data: imc FAMOS 7.0

In a nutshell – what’s new in imc FAMOS 7.0?

  • Look & feel
  • New design of the user interface: Clear, flexible, intuitive IMC famos 7
  • Improved user experience
  • Functionality
  • New curve window properties
  • Improved integration of the imc Data Browser
  • Many new analysis and automation function
  • New technology
  • Analyze large quantities of data faster thanks to the 64 bit version

A tune-up under the hood and fresh “paint”

Whoever wants to maintain a commitment over many years to the target group, must maintain continuous optimization and small positive surprises without
sacrificing core values.

This is exactly what imc FAMOS has provided in the marketplace for the last 25 years. As the first signal analysis software under MS Windows, imc FAMOS has been setting distinctive milestones in the test and measurement market.
Just recently, the new imc FAMOS 7.0 version has become available. The benefits and importance of this new development are told by someone who knows this software inside and out: software developer Detlev Suter.


Detlev, what customer requirements and general signal analysis software trends have influenced the new release the most?IMC Famos 7

Essentially, the new version picks up on three new trends. First, there’s the redesigned user interface that meets the need for simple and intuitive operations. Here, we performed a bit of visual “clean-up”, orienting the new design toward the appearance of the modern Office Ribbons. The user sees only what he needs to solve his task.
Another new feature is the 64-bit technology that enables better utilization of current computer hardware. On one hand, the existing limitation regarding the maximum length of data sets can be overcome (now up to 2 GB). On the other hand (and more important in a practical sense), the entire main memory is now available to be fully exploited. Thus, data is rarely swapped to the hard drive. This provides much faster analysis when it comes to processing larger amounts of data.
As a third point, I see the aspect of the software being integrated. imc FAMOS 7 is now moving closer to the imc STUDIO test and measurement platform. Having a complete, seamless solution is important for the customer.


From a developer’s point of view, what was the biggest challenge with imc FAMOS 7?

We turned the entire program architecture on its head – the new imc FAMOS looks much different under the hood than before. In this version, we have created a modular architecture. Thus, the new imc FAMOS allows faster testing and easy integration into imc STUDIO.


IMC Famos 7 Cover PhotoAnother challenge was to ensure that previous imc FAMOS users could quickly master the new version after only a short familiarization phase – and then achieve productivity gains through improved handling. Previous projects and sequences, as well as Panels, should be able to be reused in imc FAMOS 7 without any problems.


What future developments are important?

We would like to further develop the Panel as the central display and control element. We believe that new features are not the only concerns shaping future developments. Having a clear structure and simplifying operational procedures are also important areas. Here, the Panel will
continue to play a central role.


If you were selling this product – what would you say the strengths of imc FAMOS are from your point of view?

imc FAMOS is like a Swiss knife – many tasks can be solved quickly and easily through its building block principle. The user has flexibility and can quickly put together what is needed. And like a Swiss knife, imc FAMOS is reliable and stable. For new users, it is important that the “learning curve” is quite low and that results can be achieved quickly. For advanced users, the flexibility and performance of the software makes even the most complex tasks solvable. And, if for some reason you don’t know what to do, we have a very good, unbiased hotline that is available to customers with advice and assistance.


In your opinion, what makes a good developer?

A good developer is someone who is constantly learning, well-informed and familiar with current trends. This doesn’t mean that one simply runs toward any new style, but should instead always have an overview of current tools and technologies.

In my opinion, it is also important to keep an eye on the role of the user – for what and how the software is mainly used and what wishes and suggestions for improvement they may have. From a user’s perspective, this is particularly important.

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