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Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd is proud to announce that Mantracourt has released a variety of ATEX/ IECEx rated telemetry products approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 2 solving the ongoing and never ending problems associated with using sensors and acquisition systems in hazardous areas.


The X24-ACMi-SA ATEX/IECEx telemetry transmitter module measures strain input and regularly transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers. The high accuracy ratio-metric input allows for the calibration and C_oe0tIXgAAcNKlinearization of pressure, force, torque and weight so that data can be measured in explosive atmospheres. The flexibility of this transmitter means that it can support a wide range of bridge sensors and is ideal for places that are difficult for a wired connection. Other versions include the ATEX / IECEx Telemetry Strain Transmitter OEM Module (X24-SAe) as well as the Embedded Digital Load Cell Converter /Strain Gauge Digitizer Module (DCell).

The X24-HD handheld display can work with X24 or T24 Transmitter modules. It allows for wireless remote viewing of various remote inputs such as strain gauge or voltage etc. using 2.4 GHz radio.

The remote transmitter module measures its input value (strain gauge, voltage, current etc.) and transmits it regularly. The X24- HD both captures and displays this data.


The ATEX 4 – 20mA load cell amplifier,  ALA5 is designed for operation within hazardous zones 0,1 and 2. The high performance of a ATEX 4-20 mA load cell amplifier provides 2-wire 4-20 mA current loop output and connects in-line for a range of signal conditioning for strain gauges, load cells, pressure and torque transducers. The ALA5 is intrinsically safe to EN6009-11 (previously EN 50020) standards and can be connected to ATEX approved equipment within the hazardous zone as well as non-approved ATX equipment outside the hazardous zone if a suitable barrier is used. The ALA5 is housed within a stainless steel IP67 NEMA 6 EMC enclosure and is supplied with 1m strain gauge cable and 5m output cable.

Other models include the ATEX Embedded Load Cell Amplifier, Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner (ICA5ATEX).


ATEX / IECEx Telemetry Strain Transmitter Module (X24-ACMi-SA)


ATEX / IECEx Handheld Telemetry Display (X24-HD)


ATEX Certified 4-20mA Load Cell Amplifier (ALA5)


Approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 2

800 m (½ mile) range

Long battery life: 2 years at 12 sessions of 5 minutes per day; 30 days continuous

High accuracy, extremely low temperature drift

High resolution ratio-metric/bridge measurement

Up to 1 part in 400,000 (18.75 bits) noise free resolution

Bipolar input, up to ±3.2 mV/V

Calibration and linearization to engineering units

Capable of driving 4 X 350 R load cells

Up to 200 Hz transmission rates

5 V bridge excitation

Compatible with X24 receiver and T24 receivers

OEM option available with X24-SAe module

Efficient omnidirectional antenna removes requirement for external enclosure antenna

Environmentally sealed to IP67 in robust enclosure

Operating temperature range of -20 °C to +50 °C

80 mm X 62 mm X 34 mm (Not including cable gland)

Uses readily available Energizer L91 batteries

Approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 2

Covers multiple usage scenarios

Use with single or multiple transmitters

Long battery life: 50 days at 12 sessions of 5 minutes per day; 54 hours continuous

Audible warnings and feedback

User controlled backlight

800m (½ mile) range

Compatible with cased X24 transmitter, OEM module X24-SAe and T24 transmitters

Indication of remote errors

Overload indication and alarm

Uses readily available Energizer L91 batteries

Sealed to IP67 in a robust handheld enclosure

Simple operator interface

Assign names to transmitters

Independent transmitter scaling (Unit conversion)

Tare/Zero/Gross functions

Operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C

152 mm X 90 mm X 34 mm

Certified amplifier for ATEX hazardous zones 0, 1 & 2

Designed for fitting in-line to strain gauge sensors such as load cells

Intrinsically safe to EN60079-11

Provides 2-wire 4-20 mA current loop output

Environmentally sealed to IP67

Fast calibration via gain and offset trim

Bridge impedance min 350 Ohms max 5,000 Ohms

Wide temperature range -40 C to +85 C

Supplied with 1 m strain gauge cable and 5m output cable

Robust design, reverse polarity & short circuit protected

OEM option of the ATEX certificated miniature load cell amplifier available

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