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The model 875 Mini “Tuff Tilt” Tiltmeter combines high precision and durability in a miniaturized and economical instrument package. Using MEMS technology, the 875 delivers superior measurement accuracy with virtually no long-term drift and a resolution of 0.05°. Output options include 0.5-4.5Vdc, 4- 20mA and digital RS485. All units are rated IP67 waterproof for advanced protection from the elements. Use the 875 Mini “Tuff Tilt” for structural monitoring, angle measurement and control, platform leveling, testing and research, OEM and more.


Range ±5°/±15°/±30° uniaxial or biaxial
Resolution 0.05°
Output 0.5-4.5  VDC, 4-20mA or RS485
Temperature Range -40 to +85° C
Dimensions 64.2 x 58.2 x 35.4 mm
Seal IP67

To view the different product datasheets, follow the links:

Model C875 Mini “Tuff Tilt” Analog output datasheet

Model C875 Mini “Tuff Tilt” Current output datasheet

Model C875 Mini “Tuff Tilt” Digital output datasheet

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