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Fast USB Strain Module (FSU-SSB) aimed at high speed measurement applications

The newly released Fast USB Strain Module (FSU-SSB) is a fast, compact, high precision strain bridge module able to deliver high resolution readings over USB to your PC directly. With its ability to deliver speeds of 4800 samples per second at 13 bits noise free resolution, the FSU-SSB) is suitable for dynamic applications that require high speed measurement. High speeds are achieved by using the powerful toolkit software, designed and manufactured by the Mantracourt design engineers.

It allows the viewing of input status and module information, simple switching between engineering units as well as two part calibration, high speed navigation and FFT frequency component analysis. Data can be exported to a CSV file. This free-standing module is fitted with 9-way ‘D’ type socket for connection to the strain bridge or load cell while a micro USB socket allows connection to a PC and does not require external power. A DIN rail mounting option is also available.


  • Simple USB ‘Plug and Measure’ device connects directly to a PC, allowing quick setup
  • High speed measurements at 4800 samples per second
  • 13 bit noise free resolution
  • Ideal for impact, drop, non-rotational torque, vibration and materials testing
  • Easy connection to intuitive, powerful FSU Toolkit software – view the tutorial video
  • Extremely low temperature drift provides accuracy of measurement
  • Simple connection to sensor using 9 way D-type
  • Input sensitivity of ±3 mV/V making it suitable for most strain bridge sensors – alternative input sensitivities available on request
  • Works in tension and compression
  • Drive capability for up to four 350 Ohm sensors
  • Supplied with micro USB cable
  • Factory mV/V calibration, user calibration in engineering units
  • phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgBranded options available

FSU Toolkit Software

  • Connect in seconds – with pc auto detection there’s no scrolling through lists of product codes
  • Intuitive interface – you don’t have to read a manual to get started. Our well designed interface gives you highlighted options so you know what’s click-able
  • Logical – our Toolkits configure, calibrate and provide logging functionality
  • We do the thinking for you – our toolkits have useful help panels at each stage of the process to help you make the right choice
  • Use one, use them all – our icon based navigation is common to all Toolkits. If you’re familiar with one Toolkit you’ll quickly pick up the others
    Free – all of our software is freely available

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