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Introducing Micro-Measurements®Industry Leaders ofHigh Precision Strain and Stress Measurements

Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. is proud to announce that it is now able to resell products developed by Micro-Measurements® due to it being a long term loyal customer of Micro-Measurements®.Micro-measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, are industry experts specialising indesigning, developing, manufacturing and promoting products for high – precision strain and strain measurement. Established in 1962, Micro-measurements® prides itself for supplying products that meet both small and large scale applications.  For example, bench scale laboratory testing as well as meeting the demands on a larger platform from various industries such as the automotive, aerospace, civil and construction and chemical and process engineering. Micro-measurements® provides sensors, instruments, equipment and accessories to obtain highly accurate and reliable strain and stress measurements. Most importantly, Micro-Measurements® offers a wide variety of strain gages for stress analysis testing, instrumentation and accessories for example transducers containing sensing elements such as load cells for measuring weight, force, torque, pressure to name a few.


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Civil and Construction
  • Chemical and Process
  • Medical
  • Agriculture


  • Automotive
  • Aircraft & Aerospace
  • Ship Building
  • Engines
  • Building & Construction
  • Farm Machinery
  • Appliences
  • Office Equipment
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Load Cells
  • Transducers
Micro-Measurements® hasnow teamed up with Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. to supply and distribute its advanced and highly precise strain and stress measurements. This collaboration introduces Australia to highly advanced strain and stress measurements whereby the technology can be used on small and large scale engineering applications Australia wide.

Stress analysis strain gages

stress and strain gaugesMicro-measurements® provide state of the art high precision bondable foil strain gages in a variety of patterns and combinations (grid alloys, backing, materials, resistances etc.). Similarly, Micro-Measurements® provides a wide range of special-use gages and sensors for different applications. These include residual stress strain gages, shear modulus testing strain gages, concrete embedment strain gages, weldable strain gages andmagnetic field strain gages as well as temperature sensors, crack detection sensors, cable – extension displacement sensors and Manganin pressure sensor.

Transducer – class® strain gages

Transducer class strain gaugesMicro-Measurements® designed and developed state of the art strain gagesspecific to transducer applications. These are relatively inexpensive and provide high performance and usage. Transducer – class® strain gages come in a variety of patterns and combinations including linear, 90°, shear, high resistance, full bridge, diaphragm, platinum – tungsten and bondable resistors strain gages. Additionally, Micro-Measurements® offers advanced sensors strain gages within the Transducer – class® strain gages range. The advanced sensors strain gages are built using advanced sensing technology which features high-purity Nickel making them more stable so that they canprovidea tighter resistance tolerance and improved gage – to gage relatability.


PhotostressPhotostress® technology, developed by Micro-Measurements® utilizes the concept of photoelastic coating to instantly identify zero stressed areas as well as measure variations in stress at any point on a coated structure. This technology is highly advanced with many benefits including:

  • Validation of any Finite Element Analysis or any Computer Aided Design
  • Weight reduction optimization – achieving maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Crack detection
  • Stress analysis on weldments and castings
  • Residual stress analysis
  • Assembly stresses detection
  • Impact studies

Micro-Measurements® provides excellent support on this technology including worldwide support and training, no calibration and annual fees and free software updates.


Micro-Measurements® provides a variety of highly accurate instruments designed and developed specifically for strain gages including Strain Indicators, Digital Data Systems, Signal Conditioning Amplifiers, and Special-Purpose Equipment. These instruments include strain indicators and calibrators, digital data systems, signal conditioner amplifiers and special purpose equipment.

For more details, please refer to the linkhttps://appliedmeasurement.com.au/product-category/products/brands/micro-measurements/