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Founded in 1974, Mantracourt Electronics Ltd prides itself on being leaders in the application of microelectronics. Located in Exeter, England, Mantracourt designs, manufactures and distributes their products over 30 countries. Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. is Mantracourts Australian partner, distributing their products across the Australasia region. Specializing in signal conditioning, display and control using analogue or radio wireless telemetry techniques, Mantracourts products are designed for load cells, strain gages, pressure sensors, transducers, flow sensors and temperature sensors.

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  • T24 Wireless telemetry
  • ICA – Miniature Analogue in Cell Amplifiers
  • PSB – Handheld strain gauge displays
  • DSCUSB – Load cell & strain gauge to USB converter
  • DSC – Load cell & strain gauge to data converters
  • LC – load cell amplifiers, displays, digital converters & controllers
  • SGA & LVDT – Analogue strain gauge amplifiers & LVDTs
  • ATEX – approved instrumentation
  • Panel – digital panel meters & controllers
  • Accessories


  • Expert design and manufacturing
  • Durable and reliable for every environment (rugged, chemical, hazardous, sterile) and industry
  • High performance
  • Highly reliable
  • Compact and easy to set up and use





Alternative energy

Civil engineering



Hazardous Areas

Industrial Processing

Lifting and handling




Silo & weighing

Test and measurement

Theatre & arts

Torque Measurement

Waste management

Mantracourts latest technology is the T24 system. The T24 system developed by Mantracourt is a wireless telemetry system offering high performance wireless sensor technology that transmits, receives and displays measurement. The T24 system is a wireless, compact multi sensor input system replacing existing wired systems so that installation and maintenance costs are reduced whilst providing a longer wireless transmission range of up to 800 metres. The T24 system transmits measurement for strain gauge, current, voltage, temperature, pulse and potentiometer. The T24 system is relatively compact in size and waterproof to IP67 making it very versatile so that it can be used in different industries or applications. It can be applied to telemetry monitoring of high altitude roads, wireless monitoring of buildings during construction as well as weighing, level control and flow sensing of unit operations within the waste management process and agriculture industry. For example, it is used on trucks, water tanks or pools and silos in the above mentioned industries. Most recently, Applied Measurement Australia (Mantracourt’s Australian partner) employed the T24 system in the optimization of the tilt table used to test the stability of a vehicle by the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC). Applied Measurement Australia upgraded the existing measurement system to the T24 system because the T24’s wireless measurement technology, easy set up and operation combined with its waterproof ability made it the perfect choice for the rugged environment it would be applied to. The T24 system employed by Applied Measurement Australia was than connected to a laptop fitted with the USB receiver base station (T240BSUE) containing Mantracourt’s logging and mapping software (T24LOG100).

In terms of performance and durability, the T24 system has a battery life of up to 5 years delivering high performance in the field with the ability to power “on” or “off”. Depending on the product within the T24 range, it employs an external power supply in the case of failure. It is highly accurate providing high resolution whilst measuring low noise. The results may be transmitted at rates of up to 200 per second (200 Hz) to other wireless sensing devices. Moreover, the T24 system may connected to a PC or a T24 base station and calibrated using the free T24 Toolkit software.

These applications combined with the relatively high performance and durability demonstrate that T24 system’s advanced technology may be utilized by many industries.

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