July 24, 2017 Craig Nyssen News Comments Off

OptoForce releases 6-Axis F/T sensor (HEX-E, HEX-H) this week that provides measurement in 6 axes. Our sensors are designed to fit currently used industrial robot arms. Integration with various available interfaces is simple. Our sensors make robots able to carry out polishing, assembly, stacking and palletising tasks fast and with high precision. High durability and various applications are available to all of our sensor types. We offer these sensors mostly for system integrator companies, robot arm manufacturers and contract manufacturing companies.


The new 6-Axis F/T sensor (HEX-E, HEX-H) features:

  • Increased overload protection – sensors will be strengthened to five times overload instead of having an overload capacity of two times the rated capacity
  • New integrated (built-in) sensor mounting plates are being added now making the product compatible with ABB. (The sensors have been and are fully compatible for Universal Robots and KUKA robots)
  • New compute box which allows for full compatibility with all robot types. With the compute box capability, computing capacity will be higher
  • A new stronger cable clamp (90 degrees) has been added to improve the durability of the cable, further decreasing the chance of it breaking
  • Calibration was developed to advance sensor precision.

The hardware design was modified so that during sensor mounting, the axes of the sensor and the axes of the robot overlaps.

Other benefits include:

  • Multi axis force measurement
  • High resolution
  • Dust and water proof (IP65)
  • Mechanical shock resistant
  • Cost efficient solution

To view the product datasheet, refer to the links HEX-E and HEX-H

To view the OptoForce product range, follow the link

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