• New Riftek IKP-5 2017 model
  • New Riftek IKP-5 2017 model
  • New Riftek IKP-5 2017 model
  • New Riftek IKP-5 2017 model
June 21, 2017 Craig Nyssen News Comments Off

The new IKP-5 railway wheel profiler accurately measures geometrical parameters of the rail wheel flange (thickness, slope, height), rim/tire thickness and for taking full profile of the wheel roll surface. The IKP-5 2017 model features improved accuracy as well as increased processor memory, increased number of measurements and increased battery life. It also operates at a wider operating temperature range, comes with optional IP64 rating and most importantly works on shinny surfaces and large slopes increasing its performance as a whole.IKP-1


  • PDA based handheld measurement instrument
  • Laser scanning and analysis of wheel profile
  • Contactless measurement of wheel flange parameters
  • Software for wheel wear data base support

Other models include the IKP-5-short Series for tramway wheels and IKP-5-Super-short Series for tramway wheels.



Model 2016 Model 2017

How we improved the parameter

flange height and thickness
other parameters


±0.2 mm

±0.03…0.05 mm
±0.1 mm
More than double the increase of accuracy achieved by using of new electronics (ARM-processer based) for laser sensor and advanced algorithms of sensors data processing

Discreteness of the profile formation, not worse than

3200 points or
0.045 mm
5800 points or
0.025 mm

Increased processor memory

The number of measurements that can be taken before
battery recharge is not less than

1000 5000

Using of  5400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
Upgraded stepper motor driver with optimized power consumption

Laser module battery life time

5 million

Using of  Li-ion rechargeable battery

Working temperature range

-15…+35°C -30…+50°C

Using of  Li-ion rechargeable battery
Carefully temperature calibration of the gauge

Enclosure rating

IP42 IP42 or IP64

Silicon sealing of the caps

Working with shiny surfaces and surfaces with large slope



Adaptive scanning speed (speed changes depending on surface quality)
Increased dynamic range of laser sensor


Operator mounts the laser scanning module onto the wheel to be measured. Having received a command from PDA or PC, the laser module performs non-contact scanning of the wheel surface.

Measurement results (geometric parameters and profile of the surface) are displayed on PDA, can be saved in the PDA memory, and transferred to the PC database. Simultaneously, additional parameters can be saved: operator number, side identifier(left or right wheel), axisnumber, locomotive (carriage) number, wheel pair number, etc.

Order info

Symbol Description
V Profilometer version:
without symbol – Standard version
Short – Shorten shorten handle
SShort – Super short handle
M Options of the set of magnets for mounting on the internal/external rim face:
S – standard. Standard magnets (specified by default).
F – forced. Reinforced magnets.
S Options of the support plates embodiment:
D – direct. Standard plates, profilometer is mounted on the internal rim face (specified by default).
I – invert. Custom plates, profilometer is mounted on the external rim face.
T Presence of the rim measurement rod.
R Enclosure rating:
without symbol – IP42
64 – IP64


IKP-Т – standard magnets; standard support plates; presence of the rim measurement rod.
IKP-F-I – reinforced magnets; custom support plates.
IKP-Short-T – the shorten handle; presence of the rim measurement rod.

To view the product page, click on the link or for a further discussion contact our Melbourne office by email or phone: +61 3 9874 5777