• New RIFTEK ID Measurement System, RF096-50/70-200-Clb.
  • New RIFTEK ID Measurement System, RF096-50/70-200-Clb.
  • New RIFTEK ID Measurement System, RF096-50/70-200-Clb.
  • New RIFTEK ID Measurement System, RF096-50/70-200-Clb.
July 21, 2017 Craig Nyssen News Comments Off

Introducing the new RIFTEK inner diameter measurement system, RF096. The laser measuring system is a “non-contact” scanning machine, designed to measure the inner surface geometry measurement of wheel center bore. The laser machine is used as a quality control tool on alloy wheel production lines.


  • Inner diameter
  • Surface profile
  • Roundness

The device can be adapted for any similar hole (bore) measurement and control task.


  • System parameters include:
Parameter Value
Measured diameter range, mm 50…70
ID measurement accuracy, mm ±5
Depth of measurement, mm ≤200

Note: system parameters can be changed for a specific task.

  • Head with two laser sensors (we divided all the range into two sub-ranges to get required accuracy)
  • Automatic re-calibration before every measurement cycle
  • Demo software and free SDK


The laser system operates by scanning the surface of objects using laser triangulation sensors. The measuring gauge contains two laser sensors inside one measuring head. The measuring head is mounted onto a rotating module. A calibration ring is placed onto the system as well for possibility of linear translation along the measuring head. In this way, the system is accurately measures the whole measurement range.

In the initial state, the calibration ring is located at the level of the laser sensors measuring line. Radiation of a semiconductor laser from the sensors is focused onto an ring surface. Radiation reflected by the surface is collected by input lens of the sensors.

The measuring head is rotated and laser sensors scan the inner surface of a ring. The system transmits polar coordinates of the surface (distance from the rotation axis measured by the sensors and a corresponding angle of rotation) to the PC for calculating the required geometric parameters for system calibration.

For the rim center bore diameter measurement, the head is inserted into the hole at a given depth. Simultaneously, calibration ring is removed from measuring line by rim outer surface. Measuring head is rotated and PC receives inner surface coordinates for ID calculation.

Structure of Wheel Center Bore ID Measurement Machine


Order information for Wheel Center Bore Inner Diameter Measurement System


Symbol Description
Dmin Minimum measurement diameter, mm
Dmax Maximum measurement diameter, mm
L Depth of measurement, mm
Clb Autocalibration option

Example: RF096-50/70-200-Clb – Hole Inner Diameter Measurement System RF096, measurement range – 50…70 mm, depth of measurement – 200 mm, Autocalibration option.

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