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Racelogic are very excited to announce that the all new, twin camera, VBOX Video HD2 is now shipping.

After 3 years of development and countless hours of on-track testing, Racelogic have produced what they feel is the ultimate motorsport video system.

Racelogic have raised the bar for the quality and reliability of their video system by using an aluminium billet housing, solid motorsport connectors, built-in power backup and a very sophisticated video pre-buffer. Circuit Tools has been updated and is also now available on a MacBook and iPhone/iPad. There is also an app for previewing the cameras over WiFi.

VBOX Video HD2, available to order now, features:
  • Twin 1080p, waterproof bullet cameras
  • Real-time, HD graphical overlay
  • Synchronised 10Hz GPS data logging
  • WiFi camera preview
  • Up to 30 second pre-record buffer
  • 32 CAN channels for ECU logging
  • SD card or USB recording
  • Bluetooth start/stop unit available
  • Compatible with the OLED Display
  • Compatible with Circuit Tools for Windows, MacBook, and iOS

VBOX Video HD2


Circuit Tools – the BEST motor sport analysis software there is
Don’t just take Racelogic’s word for it… even Ken Block and his team mate Andreas Bakkerud – recent dominator of World Rallycross rounds in Norway and Sweden – are Circuit Tools devotees. Racelogic have updated the software so that VBOX Video files are compatible.

The wide-angle camera lenses give you an even greater insight into where you’re putting the car on the track, along with braking and turn-in points. Never has track performance analysis been so precise.

Circuit Tools is available for Windows, MacBook, and iOS!

Easy Setup

With the camera preview app for Android or iOS you can check that the cameras are in straight and pointing in the right direction, really easily.

No more connecting up a wired preview monitor… stand outside the car and take a screenshot of yourself!

Predictive Lap Timing

OLED Pair 950

Racelogic’s OLED Display works with HD2, of course. How good is their predictive lap timer? Ben Clucas, last year’s KIA factory driver in the Pirelli World Challenge, can answer that:

“The OLED Display is a fantastic piece of equipment and something I use extensively in both racing and coaching. It’s got to the stage where I feel disadvantaged if there isn’t one in the car I’m driving.”

Enough said.

User-Definable Graphical Overlay

Petter Solberg analyses data using Circuit Tools
HD2 ships with setup software that allows for virtually any graphical overlay you can think of – the only limiting factor is your imagination.

Default scenes are included which gets you started, but you can also add logos and images, text elements, lap timing parameters, track maps… all embedded in fantastic HD.

When you go out and race, all these graphics, stunning yet functional, dynamic, and informative, are recorded into your video in real time.

No post-processing required! You can get back to your garage, relax, and watch how the race went.

Want one?

If you want to find out more information on Racelogic’s Video VBox HD2, refer to the link VBox@Appliedmeasurement

If you’d like to talk about the product or ask questions, send Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. an email – Sales@appliedmeasurement.com.au – or give us a call on +61 03 9874 5777.