We Can Help With Your Next Tension Load Cell

Here at Applied Measurement, we offer a range of tension and compression products such as the tension load cell. There are many types of tension load cells, to meet various applications and demands. Some of the tension load cells we have in stock include:

● CMT Series Load Cell – used to measure electrode force precisely with ease
● UU2 and UU3 Series Compression/Tension load cell – extremely compact and accurate
● TB Series Load Cell Model – measures both tension and compression load force
● CWW11 Series Load Cell – extremely slim and lightweight
● CB122 Series Load Cell – highly accurate and economical, was developed as a electronic “Scale” for commercial purpose
● CBC25 Series Load Cell – for Crane and Overload applications
● US3 Series Load – low capacity, universal, bending beam load cell
● CB41 Series Load Cell Single point load cell – highly accurate and economical
● RTB9 Wire, Roller, Winch (Tension load cell) – suitable for control Roller Tension Specifications
● RTB14 and RTB15 Wire, Roller, Winch (Tension load cell) Model – for measuring the wire and roll tension
● And many more.

If you would like assistance with finding the most suitable tension load cell for your needs, simply give our team of Machine Monitoring Consultants a call today, on (03) 9874 5777.