AMC3200E Series

Electromagnetic Flowmeter AMC3200E Series

The AMC3200E Series is a heat meter converter of electromagnetic flowmeter that can be paired with any of ALIA AMF series sensors. The unit features multiple display parameters including flow rate, energy, flow total, energy total, supply temperature, return temperature, diagnostic, programming and troubleshooting. It’s equipped with MODBUS, Bluetooth and BACnet protocol.

  • Four line LCD display Flow Rate / Energy / Totalizer / Temperature
  • +/-0.2% value of reading
  • Bi-direction flow measurement, and the display can rotate
  • With hourly report, daily report, monthly report and yearly report query function
  • 99 times / dates records for alarm
  • 99 (total) times records for power on / off
  • MODBUS, Bluetooth, BACnet protocol