Compression Fitting TC Probe


  • Variety of Configurations
  • Single and Dual Junctions
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Custom Designs Available with:
    » Degree Specific Case Bends
    » Connector Options

The Thermocouple Probe–Compression Fitting is constructed with a Stainless Steel case. The sensing junction is embedded into the tip of the sheath. With the junction located in the tip of the case this is the area that needs to be in contact with the process to obtain correct temperature measurement. Fittings associated with the probe designs are related to the mounting technique required by your application. These sensors can be utilized in many different industries and applications. Probe sensors are ideal for immersion in processes.


  • Sheath Styles:
    » Stainless Steel
  • Joint Types, Single and Dual:
    » J, K, T, E
    » Grounded or Ungrounded
  • Sheath Diameters:
    » 0.125”, 0.188”, 0.250”
  • Leadwire/Cable Options


  • Process

Performance Specifications

  • Insulation Resistance – Ungrounded Models: 1,000 megohms @ 500 V, leads to case
  • Vibration: Withstands 5 to 500 Hz at 3 g-level peak for 3 hours. Per ASTM E 644, Sec. 10.
  • Shock: Withstands 50 g-level peak sine was shock of 11 milliseconds duration. Per ASTM E 644, Sec. 11
  • Pressure Rating: 1,500 psi