Hitec Weldable Strain Gauges

HPI IS A LEADING MANUFACTURER AND GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF STRAIN GAGES. Used extensively for dynamic and static strain measurement in high temperature and waterproof applications, HPI strain gages can be purchased as pre-assembled units for easy field installation and strain measurement.

Hitec Weldable Strain Gauges

Our products can be customized with many options to fit your application needs. Aerospace, transportation, civil engineering and industrial organizations worldwide rely on our strain gages for critical strain measurement applications. Universities and government agencies purchase our products for use in experimental stress analysis projects for engineering and research programs. An important element of our business is research and development. We continually strive to improve our products and our commitment to customer-focused solutions. As a result, you will find our strain gauges hard at work in some of the most demanding environments: from northern Alaskan pipelines to the deserts of California, as well as in seawater at depths of 500 feet. Whether you’re testing components for failure analysis or dealing with structural monitoring, our experienced personnel are ready to assist you in choosing the right strain gauge for the job. Contact our Engineering Support personnel for solutions for your most challenging projects

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Hitec Weldable Strain GaugeHPI manufactures high-performance strain gauges for your most demanding high temperature applications. Our high temperature series strain gauges are designed for critical measurements in extreme harsh conditions including, heat, chemical, nuclear, and corrosion. HPI’s high temperature strain gauges are available in free-filament wire form that can be bonded to the substrate with a ceramic cement application or a flame sprayed alumina process. For applications that allow for welding, our complete weldable strain gauge assemblies can be easily spot welded to the suface with the use of a capacitive spot welder. OEM pricing is available and custom orders are welcome.

Bondable High Temperature Strain Gages

HPI’s free-filament wire strain gauges are designed for high temperature applications where welding to the test specimen is not an option.

Test measurements can be made in the most hostile environments: gas turbine engines, exhaust systems and nuclear environments. The strain gauges are fabricated with round wire for superior bondability and performance, and have a fiberglass reinforced teflon-tape carrier used to hold the gauge and leads in place during attachment.

Free-filament gauges can be applied to the test surface by flame spraying ceramic rod or powder, or bonded using ceramic cement. Lead wire alloys and configuration options are available.

Weldable High Temperature Strain Gages

HPI’s high temperature weldable strain gauges are free-filament wire gauges pre-bonded to a high temperature alloy shim with flame sprayed alumina. Complete assemblies include a weldable transition terminal (where specified) and high temperature instrumentation cable.

The gauges can be welded to the test structure using a capacitive spot welder, permitting easy installation in the field, especially on large structures. High temperature gauges excel in elevated temperature applications that do not require moisture protection.

Our HBWANV and HBWAPT series gauges provide excellent fatigue resistance making them the best choice for dynamic, impact or vibratory strain measurements. We supply a wide range of strain gauge configurations for short and long term testing on turbine engine blades and components, exhaust systems, and most high temperature applications.

Waterproof HitecHPI’s waterproof strain gauges are specifically designed for moist/humid environments and are durable for long or short term monitoring applications for highway, rail, marine and structures. Our weldable waterproof strain gauges are precision foil strain gauges bonded to stainless steel shims, pre-wired and protected with a molded waterproofing material. The stainless steel shim permits easy field installation with any conventional capacitive discharge spot welder (50 watt-second typical). All quality checks are done in a controlled environment with 100% water immersion testing. Pressure checks can be made to 500 psi on certain models. We supply a wide range of strain gauge configurations to measure key parameters: force, load, vibration, compression, bending, Temperature range: -40°F – 180°F. OEM pricing is available and custom orders are welcome.




measure strain in one principal direction; along the long axis of the shim. Used to evaluate and monitor live-load stresses on railroads, bridges, and other civil structures.


strain gauges mounted 90° apart on one shim. Poison’s ratio measurement is the most popular use of these gauges.


compact unit with strain gauges mounted 90° and 45° apart from the long axis of the shim. Best use of this strain gauge is torque and shear measurements.


a three element configuration with strain gauges placed at three different angles to determine three linear independent strain measures. The most common configurations are 45° and 60°.



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