SPECTRO-2 Series

SPECTRO-2 Series 2-channel sensor systems

2-channel sensor systems for a variety of applications

The SPECTRO-2‎ series now closes the gap between contrast sensors (SPECTRO-1 series) and color sensors (SPECTRO-3 series).

The SPECTRO-2 system can operate as a pure 2-channel system (quasi two SPECTRO-1 sensors in one housing), or as a comparative (normed) system in which one channel can function as a reference.

The Windows® operating software provides a large variety of evaluation algorithms, and combined with corresponding special fiber optics, of which an extensive range of different types is available, this sensor system is perfect for solving many different tasks.

The use of BICONE fiber optics, for example, allows high-precision, space-saving distance measurements also suitable for Ex areas (with quartz fiber optics and UV LEDs among others for distance measurements on glass surfaces).

A comparison of two IR wavelength ranges furthermore makes it possible to check the water content in objects such as textile or paper webs, wood, bricks, ceramics, and other building materials. Inhomogeneities of moved objects (e.g. chatter marks or defects on metal strips) also can be detected using fiber optics that are suited for such tasks.

For all applications wavelength ranges beginning in the UVC range (starting from approx. 250 nm) up to the IR range (up to approx. 2000 nm) are available both at the transmitter and receiver side.

We shall of course also be pleased to respond to your special requirements, because the system offers corresponding flexibility both with respect to software and hardware.