SPECTRO-3 Series

SPECTRO-3 True Color Sensor

With the SPECTRO-3 series there now is a family of color sensors that has been specifically designed for “true-color” detection (“human color reception”) and high switching frequency.

The sensors can be operated both in AC and in DC mode, with integrated or external light source. With the included SPECTRO3-Scope software illumination can also be turned off with a simple mouse-click, which then also allows the color and brightness inspection of self-luminous objects such as LEDs, automobile tail lights, halogen lamps, or fluorescent lamps.

In the SPECTRO-3 series great importance was attached to a compact design and to the largest possible extent to a uniform appearance of the various types (M34 design or rectangular), which facilitates sensor installation. Up to 31 colors can be provided through the 5 digital outputs, the maximum switching frequency is typ. 35 kHz in case of the series SPECTRO-3 (M34 shape), SPECTRO-3-CL, SPECTRO-3-MSM-DIG, and SPECTRO-3-JR.

With the new SPECTRO-3-SL, SPECTRO-3-ANA and SPECTRO-3-MSM-ANA color sensor types the product range was extended with extremely fast color sensor types that now make it possible to reach scan frequencies of up to 90 kHz. These color sensor can learn up to 3 colors (or 3 color groups with up to a total of max. 31 colors). Information is output by means of two digital outputs, or with the ANA types additionally by three analog outputs.

Apart from a super-bright white-light source, a high-performance UV light source also is available, which allows the color and brightness differentiation of fluorescent colors without any problems. Different frontends make it possible to implement operating distances of 0.2 mm through to 500 mm, with detection areas of Ø 0.5 mm to approx. Ø 100 mm. The use of an optical fibre version allows applications in Ex areas.