Tension Master Software

A “non-contact” Acuity laser displacement sensor measures movement of the ram when a test is conducted.

Tension Master Software

Rugged Controls was selected to integrate new laser measurement equipment and create a new “Tension Master” software interface for viewing force and displacement data generated by the 600 Ton Tension Testing Machine located at Washington Chain and Supply in Seattle, Washington USA.

A “non-contact” Acuity laser displacement sensor measures movement of the ram when a test is conducted. This laser diode-based measurement device uses triangulation to measure distance, and was chosen because of the possibility that “contact” devices could be destroyed during destructive testing. Laser specifications include:

  • Laser Class IIIa, 670 nm
  • Measurement span: 50 inches
  • Measurement offset: 30 inches
  • Linearity: ±0.050 inches over the entire measurement span
  • RS-232 serial data interface (ASCII data protocol)
  • Sample rate: 0.2 Hz to 1260 Hz
  • Operating temperature 0-50°C
  • Sensor CCD digital line camera

The laser is a fixed-mounted device with reflector installed on the test machine’s moveable ram. In use, a panel meter interfaces to a load cell and provides serial output of the tension data, while a PC collects data from both the tension monitoring system and the laser displacement measurement system.

At the PC, Rugged Controls’ new Tension Master Software provides a calibration certificate that is automatically stored to disk when the test is complete, while a historical database of past clients and tests simplifies data entry requirements. Reports include date, time, device, test device, calibration certification, force data, displacement data, peak tension, and elapsed test time. The Tension Master Software also calculates Force/Displacement vs Time plots that are very useful in destructive testing analysis. The ultimate tensile strength of the object under test is very evident.

The system is ABS certified for both force and displacement measurement.

  • Monitor force and displacement using precision load cells and laser measurement equipment
  • Simplified entry of data and customer records
  • ABS Certified


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Operating temperature 0-50°C