TorqueStar Plus Data Collector

TorqueStar Plus Data Collector

The TorqueStar Plus data collector is part of the latest innovative range of torque data collectors from Crane Electronics. The TorqueStar Plus adds a completely updated and fresh-looking torque indicator and data collector to our current product portfolio.

With a whole host of measurement modes available, a series of basic and advanced statistics, visual graphical analysis, a high-quality backlit screen and expansive storage; the TorqueStar Plus offers an effective solution for torque measurement applications in the manufacturing, quality and auditing environments.

The simple menu and page structure allows for easy navigation and straight-forward use. The clear values and readings within all measurement modes improves the user experience.

Key Features

  • Numerous measurement modes including track, peak, pulse, click, force and audit
  • Strong, durable and robust, perfect for the manufacturing and quality environments
  • A full-colour backlit screen for clear and concise torque measurement
  • Both ranges are compatible with label printers, connected via USB port
  • USB trace exports available
  • Automatic Transducer recognition
  • Real-time data capture and colour-coded statistics
  • Full-colour screen with icon based, easy navigation display