TorqueStar Pro Data Collector

TorqueStar Pro Data Collector

The TorqueStar Pro is the most complete and fully equipped torque indicator and data collector in the new TorqueStar range. The TorqueStar Pro takes all of the features and benefits of the Plus model but with the addition of more advanced measurement modes, graphical analysis, statistics and connection capabilities.

The TorqueStar Pro offers measurement modes including track, peak, pulse, click, audit, move-on, retighten and yield giving a complete range of data to measure and collect. The Pro offers the ability to add ‘jobs’ and ’rounds’; specific predefined tightening requirements for a series of fastening applications, in a specific assembly process.

In addition, the TorqueStar Pro offers more advanced statistics and the ability to view and collect real-time torque traces which can be analysed and reviewed as they are recorded. Added RF communication capabilities also allow the TorqueStar Pro to connect to our series of WrenchStar Multi digital torque wrenches and our CheckStar Multi rotary torque transducers, via the RFm wireless communication device.

Key Features

  • Numerous measurement modes including track, peak, pulse, click, audit, move-on, re-tighten and yield
  • Strong, durable and robust, perfect for the manufacturing and quality environment
  • A full-colour backlit screen for clear and concise torque measurement
  • Compatible with label printers connected via USB port
  • Real-time torque traces on screen and USB trace exports available
  • Full-colour screen with icon based, easy navigation display
  • Add ‘jobs’, ‘rounds’ & advanced statistics to your torque measurement process
  • Compatible with our torque management software packages, OMS and OMS Lite
  • RF communication to connect to our digital torque wrenches and rotary torque transducers