Xtran Telemetry Measurement System (XTMS)

XTMS was designed to Remove Maintenance Personnel from dangerous live work while facilitating accurate Wireless Measurement from a safe location and improving operational efficiency when performing live work. The Industry refers to this as “Elimination of live Work” and has come about with a collaboration of AMA’s integration knowledge and personnel in the industry performing the live work. Our system is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Xtran Telemetry Measurement System (XTMS)


XTMS is universally designed for any measurement location, with the use of a magnetic mounting and standardized AA batteries for power for the Modules require less setup and configuration allowing for quick and easy measurements. The Xtran Telemetry Measurement System or XTMS for short has been designed around the need for clients removing personnel out of harms way with maintenance measurements on heavy machinery, vehicles or anywhere the elimination of live work is needed.  The XTMS system can easily configured and customized to your unique application including customized sensor solutions such as Pressure, Linear Position, RPM, Temperature, Tilt, Vibration, Force and much more.

XTMS consists

XTMS consists of a combination of up to 100 wireless sensors in many different configurations sending information via WiFi back to either an integrated or USB wireless base station up to 200 meters away. Custom reports can be generated for each measurement window allowing detailed reports to be generated for predictive machine maintenance.

Sensor Options:

Hydraulic/Air  Pressure Kit

Hydraulic Air PressureThis High-quality pressure traducer kit has been designed to be rugged and accurate for all pressure measurements including hydraulic oil pressure, air pressure and much more. The standard kits include either a 5,000psi or 10,000psi sensor, transmitter and 1 meter of cable to position the transmitter in the best possible position for wifi reception. Other options include standardized quick connectors and custom port adapters.

Ball Tip Linear Position Kit

Ball Tip Linear Position KitPerforming your dial gauge measurements will never be easier or more accurate with our  XTMS Ball Tip sensor kit! The Ball Tip sensor kit includes a 50mm spring-loaded position sensor, powerful 90kg rated magnetic base and transmitter designed for ease of setup and tight spaces. Designed for measurements such as Bush/baring wear checks on all suspension or machine components.

Roller Tip Linear Position Kit

Roller Tip Linear Position KitJust like the ball tip kit, the roller tip used a small baring for the tip to easily measure rotating assembly run out or linear wear while rotating where the position sensor is stationary. The Roller Tip sensor kit includes a 50mm spring-loaded position sensor, powerful 90kg rated magnetic base and transmitter designed for ease of setup and tight spaces. Designed for measurements such as Bush/baring wear checks on rotating machine components.

Rod End Linear Position Kit

Rod End Linear Position KitFor the tricky measurements between two surfaces! Our Rod end kits come equipped with clevis joints and rare earth magnets for flexible robust measurements even in the harshest vibrations. The standard kit includes a 50mm, 100mm and 150mm sensor and transmitters for maximum flexibility.

Laser RPM Sensor Kit

Laser RPM Sensor Kit

RPM measurements will be a breeze with our noncontact RPM Sensor kit. Designed to measure RPM’s over 60RPM with rotating assemblies. The kit includes a laser RPM sensor, magnetic base and wireless transmitter.

Non-Contact Temp Sensor Kit

Using an inferred temperature sensor with a laser pointer you can measure temperatures up to 1030 DegC up to 500mm distance from the test subject. Kit includes IR temperature sensor, laser pointer, magnetic base and wireless transmitter.

XTMS CNCAll XTMS systems are supplied in high-quality cases with custom CNC foam cutouts designed for the protection and transportation of your precision measurement system with various options available to suit your unique and particular needs. For any particular questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Viewing/Logging Solutions

Surface Tablet with Base Station

Windows Surface TabletApplied Measurement Australia offers logging options including a Windows Surface Tablet with a rugged case and attached base station for light to medium duties to perform all of your monitoring/logging activities.

Milspec Rugged Tablet

Milspec Rugged TabletFor the harshest environments, our Military spec tablet PC is a fully customized PC, able to withstand the harshest of environments. It features a fully integrated XTMS wireless base station including the options of sylus pen, sunshade and rugged mounting solutions on request. for any further information about this item, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

XTMS wireless