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Racelogic Release the Vbox 3iFebruary 10, 2009

VB3i is an updated version of the successful VBOX III and Racelogic are looking to launch the most anticipated Vbox 3i in late Feb 2009. It retains all functionality of the VBOX III but adds features such as improved latency, the ability to integrate IMU data, improved brake stop accuracy, USB interface, integral Bluetooth interface and audio interface for voice tagging. The core of the VBOX 3i has been updated from a 166MHz processor to a 400MHz device with a floating-point maths co- processor capable of over 760 million instructions per second. This allows the option of real-time inertial integration when combined with the Racelogic IMU.

As with VBOX III, the logged data is stored directly onto a compact flash card for easy transfer to a PC. When used with a DGPS BaseStation, VBOX 3i is capable of achieving 40cm positional accuracy. 2cm CEP positional accuracy is also possible using the VB3i RTK version. In addition this will require the RTK version of the BaseStation. VBOX 3i is compatible with all of the existing peripherals including the Multifunction display, ADC03, TC8, FIM02 and Yaw rate sensor.