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Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. is Australia’s first Racelogic VBOX specialist distributing across the entire Australasia region. Not only does Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. distribute the VBOX range, it provides hands on technical support for all VBOX inquires including providing test and measurement solutions, calibration services and demonstrations to your application.


Vehicle productivity testing

  • Hourly distance traveled
  • Cycle count per shift
  • Speed monitoring

Dynamic Vehicle testing

  • Brake testing
  • Corner Speed
  • Acceleration/ Deacceleration tests
  • Braking Distances

Race Testing

  • Lap times
  • Split times
  • Track Mapping
  • Track Position
  • Lap Comparisons

Driver Monitoring

  • Max\Min\Average Speeds
  • Corner Speeds

Mining Track Mapping and Design

  • Track Mapping
  • Corner speed and G monitoring
  • Corner camber, body angles and rate of change
  • Less G’s in corner less tire wear therefore design a truck friendly track


Video data loggers

GPS data loggers

GPS speed sensors and displays

Performance meters and motorsport





Video VBOX Lite


  • High-end in-car video system
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • A real-time graphical overlay
  • VBOX 10Hz or 20Hz GPS data-logger
  • Log up to 32 CAN channels
  • Single, easy to use package
  • Rugged, CNC machined enclosure
  • Recorded video played in standard media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC etc. and can be uploaded directly to YouTube without any conversion
  •  Records DVD quality video from two cameras
  • Logs GPS data at 10Hz
  • Incorporates a real time customization graphic overlay
  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • No special mounting requirements or heat dissipation considerations
  • 20Hz GPS engine
  • Bluetooth interface to iPhone™ or iPad™
  • Over 6hr battery life
  • Internal rechargeable battery Internal or external GPS antenna
  • Robust, waterproof, lightweight enclosure
  • USB charging
  • SD card logging
  • Free data analysis software

To view the VBOX product range, refer to the link

For a further discussion contact our Melbourne office by email or phone: +61 3 9874 5777