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Sensor Instruments- PRESS RELEASEMay 14, 2009

Subject: Sensor Technology

Color measurement

Reliable and fast color detection at a large distance

The SPECTRO-3-FCL series of Sensor Instruments GmbH now also allows color detection at a large distance. Depending on the version and on the object, a distance of up to 500 mm can be realised. The sensor is equipped with super-bright white-light LEDs and a so-called true-color chip that perceives colors like the human eye. Up to 31 colors an be taught. During operation the sensor determines the color reference that comes closest to the current color sample (“human color interpretation”).

Teaching either can be performed under Windows® with the supplied SPECTRO3-Scope software, through the INØ pin, or with the TEACH button that is integrated at the sensor housing. Color scanning is performed with a scanning frequency of up to 40 kHz, the switching frequency of the sensor is 20 kHz. The sensor unit is integrated in an M34 aluminium housing, the optics unit is protected by a scratch-proof glass cover, which makes the sensor suitable for rough industrial use.