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RIFTEK designs and manufactures optoelectronic instruments including sensors for measuring the speed and linear displacement for automation and research applications. Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. is one of RIFTEKs international partners, distributing to the entire Australasia region.

Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. distributes the RIFTEK product range:

Laser Triangulation sensors

Laser triangulation sensors are applied to measure position, dimensions, surface profiles, deformations, vibrations measurement, sorting and sensing presence or absence of objects etc.

The general specifications include:

  • Measuring ranges from 2 to 2500 mm
  • ±1 um accuracy
  • RS232/RS485/Ethernet/CAN +4…20 mA/0…10V
  • Sampling rate up to 180 kHz
  • Binocular sensors for laser scanning
  • Sensors with BLUE lasers to control high temperature, mirrored and semitransparent objects

Laser scanners

This range consists of a variety of non – contact laser scanners to measure and check surface profiles, dimensions, 3D models constructions of objects.

The general specifications include:

  • Measuring ranges from 10 to 1450 mm
  • ±5 um accuracy
  • RS232/RS485/Ethernet +4…20 mA/0…10V
  • Sampling rate up to 2000 Hz
  • Sensors with BLUE, RED and IR lasers

Optical Micrometers

The optical micrometers range measure the diameter, gap, and position of objects.

The general specifications include:

Direct through beam micrometers

  • Micrometers with telecentric lens
  • Measuring ranges from 5 to 100 mm
  • ±3 um accuracy
  • Sampling rate up to 10 kHz
  • RS232/RS485/Ethernet +4…20 mA/0…10V
  • Multi coordinate systems

Absolute linear encoders

The absolute linear encoders range measures and checks displacement, dimensions, run-outs, surface profiles and deformations of objects.

The general specifications include:

  • Innovative technology of absolute measurement
  • Measuring ranges from 3 to 55 mm
  • 1 um resolution
  • Emulation of incremental encoder signals

3D Laser Scanning Kit

Using non – contact laser technology, the 3D laser scanning kit is designed to scan and measure surfaces such that a 3D model is simulated. This system features:

  • Scans any material
  • arbitrary size of scanning area
  • Average scanning speed of up to 100 000 points/s

Special Measurement Instruments

RIFTEK manufactures a variety of measurement instrument systems for special purposes including laser scanners to measure the inner diameter, gun barrel linearity and inner diameter measurement systems for smooth gun barrels, inclinometers and gyroscopes (i.e. angular speed sensors).

Speed and distance sensors ISD-3, ISD-4, ISD-5 SERIES

This range offers a variety of non – contact sensors to measure the speed and distance of any moving object.

These sensors are application for:

  • automobile and railway transport
  • metallurgy
  • cable, chemical
  • pulp and paper
  • textile and wood industries
  • in automated control systems
  • cutting and accounting systems

Measurement instruments for railway transport










This range consists of a variety of profilometers to measure the full profile of a rail wheel flange including the thickness, slope, height, rim/tire thickness as well as measuring the full profile of the wheel roll surface.

  • This range features:
  • railway wheel profile gauge, IKP SERIES
  • wheel diameter measuring gauge, IDK SERIES
  • back-to-back distance measuring gauge, IMR SERIES
  • disk brakes profile gauge, IKD SERIES
  • rail profile measurement gauge, PRP SERIES

Other instruments include Video processing IP-cores and Hardware to detect, and track the movements of objects.

To view the RIFTEK product range, refer to the link or download the RIFTEK product catalogue

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