October 16, 2013 Brendan Nyssen News Comments Off

Sensor Instruments GmbH produces a range of sensors including the SI COLO range.


The SI-COLO-GD-40 sensor allows both simultaneous and outside-light-independent, detection of color and gloss value. The color value x,y and the grey value INT are determined by way of the integrated RGB detector. Diffusion and direct reflection GN are determined by means of two photo-detectors that are arranged in such a way that one detector is positioned in the direct reflection, whereas the other detector receives a section of the diffusely scattered light. The sensor is able to store up to 31 references in the four-dimensional x,y,INT,GN space, and it provides various evaluation methods. The color gloss sensor is excellently suited for applications involving automobile interior components where products with highly similar colors have to be inspected.


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