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Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd. announces that it distributes the Silicon sensing systems Ltd product range. Silicon sensing systems Ltd is a gyroscope and inertial systems engineering development company designing and manufacturing test measurement and instrumentation to cover various industries.


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This range consists of single – axes silicon MEMS gyroscope sensors and modules applicable to all industries whereby product functionality, performance and integrity is valued. Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd manufactures these gyroscopes using the ring technology providing superior performance, in extreme environments (high shock and vibration).

  • CRN (PinPoint®)imagegen-1imagegen-2imagegen
  • CRS03
  • CRS43
  • CRS07
  • CRS09
  • CRG20
  • CRS39
  • CRH01 (Superceded)
  • CRH02
  • SiRRS01


Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd manufactures two types of accelerometers – GeminiTM and OrionTM. The GeminiTM is a dual axis silicon MEMS high performance sensor whilst the OrionTM is a single-axis gyro and dual-axis low-g accelerometer combi-sensor.

  • GeminiTM (In-plane)imagegen-4 imagegen imagegen-3
  • GeminiTM (Orthogonal)
  • OrionTM

Inertial systems

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd manufactures three types of multi axis inertial systems. These are:

  • CMS OrionTMimagegen-7 imagegen-6 imagegen-5
  • DMU10
  • DMU11
  • DMU30

The OrionTM is a single axis gyro and dual – axis accelerometer MEMS combi-sensor chip whilst the DMU10/ DMU11 family systems are low cost 6 DOF MEMS inertial sensor modules. The DMU30 is the first of the high performance IMUs (HPIMUs).

Development tools

Silicon Sensing Ltd offers a variety of evaluation boards and USB interface kits. these are used with the inertial sensors and systems so that customers are able to test, capture and evaluate results.

  • PinPoint® Evaluation Boardsimagegen-10 imagegen-9 imagegen-8
  • CRG20 Evaluation boards
  • GeminiTM (In-plane) Eval Boards
  • GeminiTM (Orthogonal) Eval Boards
  • OrionTM Evaluation Boards
  • DMU10 Evaluation kit
  • DMU11 Evaluation kit
  • DMU30 Evaluation kit
  • USB01 Evaluation kit

Rate tables

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd distributes ACUTRONICS rate tables. The AC1120S series consists of rate tables and temperature chambers to test inertial components, instruments and MEMS sensors. These systems are used in development, production, in-process test, calibration and final inspection.








To view the complete Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd range, please refer to the link

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