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Applied Measurement Australia is the proud distributor of the Silicon Sensing Ltd inertial sensors and inertial modules for the Australasia region.






Silicon Sensing supplies state of the art gyroscopes and accelerometer sensors and modules to manage your agricultural applications including managing crop yield to increase product performance whilst reducing production costs. Silicon Sensing inertial sensors and modules such as the DMU10, DMU30, PinPoint®, Orion™, CRG20, CRS43, CRS03, CRS07 & CRS09 are used in farming for self steering, inertial-aided GPS autopilot, boom controllers, vehicle yaw, pitch and roll control applications.








The inertial sensors and modules from Silicon Sensing are reliable and affordable at the same time as providing low bias drift, low bias instability and stable performance over temperature putting them in the same class as other precision inertial sensors and modules.

Other applications include aviation, platform stabilization, survey and mapping, downhole drilling, industrial and robotics, navigation aiding, marine and unmanned vehicles. The versatility of the silicon sensing inertial sensors and systems combined with their relatively low cost makes them ideal for all environments whether its rugged, sterile or chemical, these sensors can do the job!

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