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Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, is proud to announce that its Bondable Resistors for Transducers such as load cells are now built on advanced sensing technology. These contain a high purity Nickel, making them more stable so that they can provide tighter resistance tolerance and improved gage – to gage reliability as well as shorter lead time. According to a recent VPG Brand article, these Bondable Resistors are built using “state of the art” technology that can counteract most importantly, the impact of temperature. For example, Micro-Measurements® offers bondable precision resistors including the fixed-value and adjustable resistors that can be used as transducer compensation elements. The fixed-value resistors LT02 and the LT10 series, constructed using high – TCR alloys such as Balco and nickel so that they can be used to compensate the full-scale span output with temperature changes. Constructed using low – TCR alloys such as copper-nickel and nickel-chrome, Adjustable resistors – for example, the D01 are used to compensate room temperature span of a transducer. Other adjustable resistors such as the E01 and the H21 are used to to set the initial zero readings whilst the E01 and H22 (made from high– TCR alloys like Balco and copper) compensate the zero reading of transducers with temperature.

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